Though Logan takes place in 2029, the parallels to 2017 are unmistakable. The U.S. is a place of intolerance but here it's the mutants who are no longer safe, subjected to torturous government experiments. The only hope for this persecuted minority are rumors of a safe passage to Canada. After a test site in Mexico is shut down, Logan finds himself responsible for a young mutant girl. Laura is learning when to use her powers and attempting to find her place in the world. She's the perfect companion for Logan who is still struggling to find himself after all this time and discovering yet again that he can't completely fight against his hero instincts. Another film that seems to be ushering out the age of white men superheroes in favor of multiracial men and women. This continuation of the X-Men franchise lets us see some answers to the questions: What happens to the heroes after the big journey? What happens as they age mentally & physically? And who replaces them when they're longer up to the task?